Another character from the upcoming Science Friction Full Metal Hentai comic. Science Friction is going to the hentai game I plan to start working on this summer and Full Metal Hentai is the comicverse which will be a hentai parody of Super Dimension Fortress Macross aka Robotech, Space Battleship Yamato aka Star Blazers, and the story lines of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA all scrambled together with a lot of sex thrown in and a few characters gender swapped. Guy Fokker (pronouced Guy Fucker) and Rick Hunter (closely pronounced like Dick Hunter and yes I long ago thought of making a yaoi hentai Robotech comic about those two) will be female characters and I’m going to try to make this more character drama and development driven like the anime series were. With lots of science fiction, battles, and of course sex, lot’s of sex. If everything goes as planned I’ll be working on this along with my college course work (I’m a double major in Computer Science Programming and Gaming/Animation) I’ll be releasing mecha and other models as I finish them up for the project. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have while working on school and working to pay for school/bills etc.